Folk Fest Essentials: 10 Things to Bring

It's the most wonderful time of the year.... of them anyway, it's Folk Fest time! From July 7 - 10, people from all over the Prairies and the Mid-West (and further) will gather at Birds Hill park to celebrate people, music, makers, talent, entertainment and summer! We love Folk Fest and figured we'd put together an essentials list for first time festival goers!

Low Folding Chair

There are actual rules set in place for this to ensure that everyone's able to see. Make sure your chair is no higher than 2 feet tall! 

Cozy Blanket

...because we live in Manitoba and you never know when wind will turn or a storm will hit. The spontaneity of our weather makes this place so great, doesn't it?

Reusable Water Bottle 

You'll be able to find water-filling stations but for (very good) environmental reasons, plastic bottles are not for sale on the Folk Fest grounds. 


'Cause the sun is hot and the last thing anyone wants is a sunburn! Last week we shared a natural Rocky Mountain sunscreen that we're loving, but for a beautiful, Manitoba-made option, check out Sweet Spirit Apothecary.


Although there will be plenty of food options at your disposal, it's still nice to have some snack food with you to nibble on. We like making our own trail mix with a variety of different nuts and dried seeds. You can also make some energy balls! Check out these recipes for inspiration.

Bug Repellent 

Spraying mosquito repellent all over the place isn't always the best way to make friends (so stinky!) For a pest-free experience, check out Winnipeg-made Mama Pacha's all natural Shoo Fly and Herbal After Bite products. You can usually find these products at Generation Green at the Forks. 

Comfy, Flowy Clothes

We have outfits that allow you to cooly mingle, dance and flow from stage to stage. Pop into the shop for a visit, we'll help you find something perfect!


To protect your beautiful eyes of course! And to look great...but mostly for protection.

all outfits available at Out of the Blue


Being in an open field with the beautiful radiating sun beating down on you can make for one hot day! So be smart about it, and stylish, and wear a fun, floppy sunhat!


If you're planning to un-plug and enjoy the Folk Fest experience, amazing! But if you are bringing your phone, make sure to download the Folk Fest app so you can receive notifications for when bands are going on stage! This way you won't miss any of your favourite shows. 

Did we miss anything? Leave it in the comments below! 


Peace & Joy,

All Folk Fest photos taken from the Folk Fest Facebook page