3 Natural Beauty Essentials for Summer

Alright ladies, let's get real - true beauty is natural beauty. There's no need to complicate things in the summertime, especially when the sun is shining down and it's hot and humid outside! So on top of looking like fashionistas (in whatever style that means for you), here are some ways to keep cool, beautiful and glowing this summer:


The average human body is made up of 55%- 75% of water, so it only makes sense to drink a lot of it, right? Drinking water increases our energy and relieves fatigue, it flushes out toxins from our bodies, it improves our skin complexion and gives us a healthy glow, it boosts immunity and prevents cramps and sprains. A tall glass of water (or two or three or four) also serves as a natural headache remedy (as many headaches are caused by fatigue and dehydration.) All the more reason to drink up! Need some motivation? Treat yourself to a snazzy water bottle or dress your water up with some fruit!


Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals and fibre, plus many of them are super hydrating, too! They provide you with loads of energy so you can enjoy all the wonderful activities summer has to offer, all while nourishing your body, your hair and your skin! We like starting our days off with a smoothie! It's a great way to break your overnight fast by getting an extra boost of alkalizing plant-foods first thing in the morning! Check out these delicious smoothie recipes!

Protect Yourself!

Vitamin D's a great thing, we all need it (especially in Manitoba), but too much sun can be harmful to your skin. Thankfully, there are plenty of natural sunscreens now that do the trick just fine! We love the new Vanilla Coconut Natural Sunscreen from Canadian brand, Rocky Mountain Soap company. It ACTUALLY smells like a vanilla cupcake! Made with all natural ingredients strong enough to protect your skin from the strong sun rays, it's the perfect choice to throw in your beach bag!

A few other things to consider....
+ work up a sweat, a.k.a a summer glow! 
+ protect your hair from the sun, heat and humidity

Have a healthy, happy summer!

Peace & Joy,

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