Seeing PINK! we're a day late here. Yesterday was National PINK Day and we're celebrating today. You know what though? That's a-okay with us because the sun is shining, it's Friday and why not celebrate a colour that makes us feel GOOD? 

A few fun facts about PINK are...

+ pink is the colour for JOY and HAPPINESS
+ according to the Solar Thai Calendar, the colour is associated with the second day of the week
+ the dies originally used to produce this colour are called Madder Roots
+ pink is said to have a tranquillising effect on the mind
+ Jaipur, India is known as 'Pink City' because many of its heritage sites are built using the colour pink

Here's some pink inspiration that makes us go all heart-eyed-emoji!

click the images for sources

Have a beautiful weekend! 

Peace & Joy,